1,000 Visitors !

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1000 Visits!

Sorry I missed the Robot of the Week last week. I have been editing all the posts that you guys have been visiting every day this week. Making the images bigger and centering them, making the posts look nicer. My cousin Dave left us with photos that were only twice as large as thumbnails it seems at 220 pixels wide and just tossed into the post with no sense of order. So I decided bigger was better and went large with 350 pixels. The finish product is so much better, but I still haven’t fixed all the posts. Only the ones that are generating any visits/interest. This is time consuming work! I can definitely consider this a labor of love.

I am so excited to note we have had 1,000 visitors in 9 months!  We had 500 after 7 months in February, but doubled that in just 2 months now in April Hooray! The first four months there were 79 visits and that was mainly just me and my cousin.

This site was initially just homework for me to start learning WordPress, Google Analytics, and adsense, start cataloging my robots so I would know what I have(and my cousin would know for his trip to Japan in October last year), and now I want to see how far I can take the site as traffic has continued to grow. As more and more people check out the site, it seems like others share my love of robots old and new!

Dragun, Raider, &  Poseidon Mattel Shogun Warriors

Dragun, Raider, & Poseidon Mattel Shogun Warriors

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