Char’s Gelgoog – Gundam

Here’s the smaller 4.5 inch version of Char’s Gelgoog which I also have it in the big 7.5 inch deluxe version. I actually had some leftover red shoulder armor pieces from the lot from a different Gundam and they just happen to match with this guy.  I think the shoulder pieces are from a Gundam Epyon from Gundam Wing but I think he goes pretty well with this guy too. I have always been a fan of the Gelgoog and Zakus. The combat armors for the bad guys have always been more appealing to me design and color wise.


MS-14S Char's Gelgoog Gundam 0079 still

Char's Gelgoog MS-14S Bandai America MSIA

Chars Gelgoog MS-14S Bandai America MSIA

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