Sideswipe Dodge Viper 2003,2004 - Transformers Hasbro Alternators/Binaltech Lambor BT-02 Takara. Known in other coutries as Japan- (ランボル Ranboru), Cantonese- Swipe (斯韋伯 Si Wai Baak), France- Frérot (Canada, "Bro"), Italy- Freccia ("Arrow"), Mandarin- Tsè Sǎu (Taiwan, 側掃, "Side Swipe"), Heng Pao (China, 横炮), Portugal- Esgalhador or Surrupio

Transformers: Alternators, known as Transformers Binaltech (トランスフォーマー バイナルテック) in Japan, is a line of Transformers toys that started in late 2003. The toys in this series transform into licensed, 1:24-scale accurate representations of real cars from automobile manufacturers around the globe, complete with opening doors, hoods, trunks, either connected front wheel “steering” or individual wheel suspension, plus “realistic” detailed driver/passenger compartments. Essentially, Transformers toys that turn into model cars. Sideswipe is the second Alternators toy released