Gundam RX-78

This is where it all began – the original RX-78 Gundam. I bought this guy from Toys R Us back when there were a bunch of Gundam cartoons on tv on Cartoon Network as part of Toonami. The Gundam RX-78 Bandai the original Gundam version of this toy was from Clover, 1979.  That version is mostly diecast but pretty rare as the company went out of business sometime in the early 80’s and Bandai has since taken over the production run. The 2nd image is a life size replica in Tokyo. Gundam has become such a cultural icon that Japan decided to build a life size version to honor it.


Gundam MSIA RX-78 Bandai 2000 4.5 inch

Gundam MSIA RX-78 Bandai 2000

Life Size Gundam Statue RX-78-2 1/1 scale in Japan in the Odaiba Mall next to the Gundam Cafe/Museum

Life Size Gundam Statue RX-78

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