Hoist – Transformers G1 Commemorative Series V 2003

Hoist - Transformers G1 Commemorative Series V 2003 Japanese ID number 46 The Generation 1 figure came out originally in 1985 Foreign names Japanese- Hoist (ホイスト Hoisuto), French- Treuil ("Winch"), Italian- Bufalo ("Buffalo"), Portuguese- Roldana or Guindaste

Hoist – Transformers Generation 1 Commemorative Series V Hasbro 2003

Here is another Toys R’ Us re-issue from the early 2000’s I added to my collection. I never had the original version. These were a great alternative from the Japanese The Transformers Collection from Takara which were $60-$80 at the time.

Hoist animated still from the Transformers Generation 1 or G1 cartoon

Trailbreaker 1984 - Transformers Autobot Generation 1 G1 robot

Trailbreaker Generation 1 Transformers 1984

I also have the Trailbreaker, which was the original mold for Hoist.


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