Jazz Transformers G1 2002

Below is Jazz.  I did have the original Generation 1 Jazz back in 1984, but I know I traded a bunch of Transformers away for some of the Godaikins I have now.  You can tell this is the 2002 Hasbro Commemorative Series III re-issue because the missile launcher is much larger than the original. Still, he’s one of my favorite autobots.

Jazz Transformers 2002 Commemorative Series III G1 Japanese ID number 06 Foreign names Japanese- Meister (マイスター Maisutā), Jazz (ジャズ Jazu), English: Marshall, French- Saxo (Canada), Italian- Tigre ("Tiger"), Folgore, Bionic, Portuguese Lero-Lero

Jazz Transformers 2002 Commemorative Series III Generation 1

Jazz and Prowl G1 Transformers cartoon still from the Generation 1 cartoon

Jazz & Ricochet - Transformers Generation 1 G1 Hasbro Commemorative Series IX 2003 Japanese ID number: C-109 Stepper (ステッパー Suteppā) Targetmaster 1987

Ricochet and Jazz Hasbro Transformers Generation 1 Commemorative Series IX 2003

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