Lot of MSIA Gundam Wings/G Gundams/Gundam 0080/Endless Waltz

I will make a separate post for most of the robots below, a lot of MSIA Gundam. But I just had to make one big post for a nice haul of Gundam Wing/G Gundams/0080/Endless Waltz loose figures that I scored from a nice guy on Craigslist. Not only did I get a good price, but I had none of these figures since I didn’t get too involved in these genres… I had never considered using Craigslist before but I lucked out thanks to my cousin’s suggestion.

What you see here is after I spent nearly 5 hours re-constructing each piece as each was in some state of disrepair i.e. missing arm, shoulder armor, shoulder, leg, weapon etc.  So, in the right image you can see I have a YouTube video of a toy review of one of the toys so that I could figure out which pieces go with what.

Gundam lot from Craiglist

Lot of MSIA Gundam

Lot of MSIA Gundam Shot 2

Lot of Gundams continued

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