Mummy Gundam – Egypt G Gundam

Here’s another carded Gundam I got from Craigslist – this time the Mummy Gundam representing Egypt.  I never had this one as I never really liked the character but I’m glad I got him as part of the lot as I wouldn’t have spent money on him otherwise.


Mummy Gundam 2002 Bandai America GF4-001NE Pharaoh Gundam IV ファラオガンダムIV世 or 法老高达IV世 representing Neo Egypt from anime Kidō Butōden G-Gundam(機動武闘伝Gガンダム) 1994-1995 Item#11302

Mummy Gundam GF4-001NE Bandai America 2002 from anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam 1994-1995

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