Raydeen Shogun Warriors by Mattel 1978 aka GA-09 DX Raideen by Popy 1975

Shogun Warriors TWO-in-ONE 5 1/2 inches tall

Raydeen He’s a bowman! He’s a Bird!

Turn him into a bird! Launch his bow & shield! Rotate his arms! Make him roll on wheels! Push buttons! Launch fists! Bend his legs! Literally that is all this guy does summarized by the copy on the box.

Made in Japan  Manufactured by Bandai Distributed by Mattel

Copyright Tohoku Shinsa Film Co LTD.

Too bad all the Shogun Warriors are all from different studios. It would have been nice to see them all in one cartoon. These were my favorite robots growing up. I was totally into these before my cousin came back from Japan with his Macross Takatoku Valkyrie. I loved shooting off the fists and smacking them into each other. These robots are probably why I love those heavy old die cast metal robots. I watched some of the Getta Robo(or is it Getter Robo?) as Starvengers cartoons on the old Betamax or VHS with my cousin before Transformers came out and I have loved robots ever since. I don’t have any of my original Shogun Warriors, but here is one of the new ones I got off eBay.

Looks like Raideen had his own show as Brave Raideen. It was the first robot anime to reach the US via Hawaii per Wikipedia. Looks like the only was to see it is on Youtube. I see some download versions as well, but I prefer not to download stuff from people I don’t know.

Raideen Raydeen Shogun Warriors Popy Bandai loose bow and shield Raideen Raydeen Bandai Mattel Shogun Warriors loose back 2Raideen Raydeen Shogun Warriors Popy Bandai loose front  Raydeen Shogun Warriors Mattel Bandai Popy back cover2 Raideen Raydeen Shogun Warriors Popy Bandai loose back Raydeen Shogun Warriors Mattel Bandai Popy styrofoam



















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