Sandrock Gundam XXG-01SR Bandai America 2000

Here’s another one that I got as part of recently purchased large lot of Gundams.  This one is the Sandrock Gundam XXG-01SR. He’s kind of cool with the blades in his hands and back.  I spent many, many hours trying to piece these robots together as I was handed a bunch of loose arms, legs, shields, weapons etc….I’ve had to watch numerous YouTube videos to get them mostly right.  Unfortunately, this guy is missing his right arm.  I had to Frankenstein him as I had that left over arm piece.  I then remember I had the blades but didn’t know which Gundam he went to originally, so I had to go back to my loose pieces box for those.  The color is a little different from the show as they had different colors.


MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom XXG-01SR Bandai America 2000 Item #11607 Toonami Cartoon Network 4.5" robot from anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing((新機動戦記ガンダム W Shin Kidō Senki Gandamu Uingu  or 新機動戰記鋼彈W) 1995-1996

MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom XXG-01SR Bandai America 2000

Gundam Sandrock Gundam Wing still

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