Shogun Warriors ST collection – 1970’s

Here’s my small collection of Shogun Warriors ST robots from the 1970’s.  Unfortunately, I traded for these from my cousin’s friend who was kid and of course, he played with his toys and lost pieces.  As you can see, almost all of them except Dragon are missing fists. Still, I treasure them as I had these as kid myself – fists or no fists.

As info, Dragon, Poseidon, and Raider are part of the Starvengers.  Any one of them could combine to form the different vehicles as each robot had different weapons i.e. Raider had the drill arm, Dragon had the dual axes (a complete Dragon will have an ax that fits into his right fist) while Poseidon had shoulder fired missiles.

Below are the toys and the cartoon stills that are associated with each of them.

Shogun Warriors ST collection - 1970's Mattel from anime Getter Robo(ゲッターロボ) Getter Liger(Raider), Getter Poseidon, Getter Dragon(Dragun), Raydeen(Raideen),and Great Mazinga

Shogun Warriors ST collection – 1970’s

Starvengers still Poseidon, Raider, Dragun from anime Getta Robo, Space Robot(ゲッターロボ)

Getter Liger, Getter Poseidon, Getter Dragon

Yusha Reideen, Brave Raideen, Reideen the Brave anime still from 1975-1976 Japanese: 勇者ライディーン


TranZor Z, Mazinga Z Japanese: マジンガーZ anime still 1972-1974

Mazinger Z


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