Transformers Bumblebee Bot Shots 2012

Bot Shots made it right to my local Tuesday Morning and Ross store. I don’t see them at the regular stores like Walmart and Target, just the discount stores. So they must not be very popular. They are cute little robots and I hate to say it, but they look better than the original Generation 1 line of Mini Vehicles. The snarky little grin on Bumblebee’s face almost makes me want to pick this up. If they have a Starscream with this grin I’m sold. Too bad I have never seen one. I would not mind seeing other robots in this line, but this is the only one I have seen. I am guessing I will not see more of this line due to its piddling success.

Bot Shots is a game like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Fist beats sword, Sword beats blaster, Blaster beats fist.

You shoot the robots at each other as cars and the emblem on the chest will show Sword, Fist, or Blaster if it transforms.  If your Bot does not transform and the other does, you lose by default. If there is a tie, the highest number on the chest is the tie breaker.

Bumblebee Bot Shots Battle Game

Bumblebee Bot Shots Battle Game 2012

I guess I wouldn’t mind getting these free, but otherwise I am not really that hot on what I have seen so far.

Bumblebee Bot Shots Battle Game 2012

Bumblebee Bot Shots Battle Game 2012

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