VF-1A Rick Hunter Valkyrie – Macross 1983


I got this as a present from my parents in 1983. This is the model that Hikaro Ichinose (Rick Hunter in the U.S. release) started out with.  He then went onto the J model which was white and red and finally the S model with the skull emblem when Rick Fokker died.  I vividly remember seeing this in Japantown and was shocked when they got it for me because it was almost a hundred dollars.  I have a picture from Christmas of me opening the box actually…This is the one that started it for me with Macross.

I now have all the original Takotoku and Bandai versions.  I finally managed to get the blue/red Valkyries in the early 2000’s when Bandai did a re-issue.  They’ve since done numerous re-issues of the various Macross generations but the first Macross is the one I grew up with.  The featured image is the box that this toy came in but I’ve long since gotten rid of the box.  I wish I had kept them because Takatoku was known for their great art work and the unique texture on their boxes.

Macross VF-1A Standard Type Battroid Valkyrie(超時空要塞マクロス 1/55 VF-1A標準タイプ バトロイドバルキリー) DX 1/55 scale 12" Battle Fortress- Takatoku Toys(タカトクトイス) 1983 Cannon Fodder Japan from anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross(超時空要塞マクロス, Chōjikū Yōsai Makurosu) 1983-1984

Macross VF-1A Standard Type Battroid Valkyrie DX 1/55 scale Takatoku Toys 1983 Cannon Fodder Japan from anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross 1983-1984


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