Month: September 2014

Updates on Dave’s Collection page

I have been working on Dave’s Collection page for 3 weeks. I was trying to figure out why it loaded so slow. Sure, it has a lot of pictures, but that was not it. I found out all the images on the page were 2448 x 3264 pixels which is the default on my cousins’ camera on his phone. While resizing them my image editor says they are 30 MB each in PNG format in the original dimensions, but that cant be right. So 145 images at 30 mb would be 4.35 gb right? No wonder the page takes so long to load.

I checked the format and it looks like he used JPEG format which brought them down to 2MB each on the 2448 x 3264 pixels. Still, 290 MB of images on the page would take forever to load. I may need to reconsider using PNG files if they are space hogs.

Anyway, sorry there hasn’t been any new robot posts on the site. I have plenty to go through of my own(I even have 5 new ones. I have a Bismarck DX, Daileon DX, Machine Robo MR-02, Ninja Senshi Kurojishi DX, and a train transformer from Dave), but I have been going over my cousin’s as he puts out his posts profusely. But he is done with his entire collection, all his robots are up. But I am still slogging through the images of his Macross robots and still have to run edits on the Transformers robot images. Since I am editing his images, I might as well fix his posts to use the newer images so they load quicker too.

I will eventually put up my G1 Transformers, G2, Beast Wars, Machine Wars, Jumbo Machinders, Macross, various other Japanese robots and the rest of my Shogun Warriors. I tend to be more meticulous and spend more time on my comments and images than Dave.

I have added ebay search links and Amazon Ads to some of the posts so you can buy the exact same robots shown on the site or at least similar robots. The Store link on the site is my Amazon store. Any purchases you make will help me keep this site up. So next time you feel like buying a robot, click through one of the site links. Thanks


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