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Diarobo transforming toys by Agatsuma

Diapet Daiyarobo(ダイヤロボ) transforming robots by Agatsuma Diarobo

Diapet Diarobo(ダイヤロボ) transforming robots by Agatsuma


Here’s a picture of Diapet Diarobos(Daiyarobo) that I bought in Japan.  I bought everything I saw in the store but apparently, there are several more than what I picked up. They’re like the Gobots (Machinerobo series in Japan) small and easy to collect as they’re very reasonably priced at 6-8 dollars each. The packaging, however, isn’t as nice as the Machinerobos as they are just on cardboard backing. But they are nice little cars that transform into robots.

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