Places to buy – You can buy on My Amazon store to help me keep this site up. is the largest online figure shop according to their site and it’s in English. That being said, I have never purchased anything from their site.

Yahoo Auctions Japan – I have looked, but no purchases yet. When you make a purchase, these auctions can only ship within Japan.  You will have to use a Japanese company to act as a proxy for you and they will charge you a fee that is a percentage of your max bid price. There are quite a few like FromJapan. – You can buy on My eBay Affiliate page on the link below or on the links on my pages to help me keep this site up. is a place I may be more inclined to shop as my cousin searched these shops on his quest to complete his robot collection. It’s in English, but it’s so hard to find crap on their site Maybe they will get a clue and make their site more search friendly for US customers. Here is another link for more info on them.

Places to buy in Japan


Bic Camera

Walking around Ikebukuro in Tokyo near our hotel was an electronics retailer Bic Camera. They have a nice little toy section. You can check them out

Toy Planet

Found a new place to buy toys, but in Japan. If you ever make it out there, they have several branches. Here is  a link

Anime and the Roku app have a lot of anime that will be fun to check out.

Hulu Plus also has an amazing amount of anime. I really don’t think I will ever be able to see it all and I just want to see the 70’s and 80’s stuff. I never realized how many of my robots had a cartoon of their own! has some thoughtful reviews on anime. I just read one about Giant Gorg I found interesting, so I may have to refer to them more if I see anything interesting.

Youtube is amazing for your anime needs. I just like the intros as I feel they bring great context to the robots. Quite a few of my robots I had no clue there were cartoons as many had no US release.


GoDaiKin Links


CollectionDX takes great pictures and edits them really well. The formatting is really nice, professional. I appreciate that a lot after putting up my own site for robots. My pictures still have a ways to go. They have great info and they all seem really knowledgeable. I learn a lot when I go to his site and are one of the huge inspirations for my site. is an amazing site. My writings skills are total crap, but this guy can go on and on about the toys and their design. I am lucky if I can spew out one badly written paragraph that looks like it was written by a 6th grader. His links on Transformers, Gobots, Gundam, Voltron, Popy and Primer are very helpful.

Wow even eBay has a GoDaiKin page.

Robot-Japan is a fun page. He has the best forum I have seen. I love the Gallery page and he has an extensive links page.

Dennis-Toys has a great Gundam and Macross collection. I love how he displays his stuff. He has a shrine to robot goodness in his study. He really has some amazing stuff.



 Scorched Earth looks like a good blog on  robots. I like the links on the right where you can find robots by scale.

VF-1 Valkyrie is a great resource for all Macross Valkyrie robots. I could not have figured out when all this awesome information.


Popy helped me with figuring out production dates for Popinika, but it looks like his site is down now.

ToyboxDX This guy knows his stuff.

Took me a while to find out when these came out. I found this link,, and as invaluable resources for getting to know more about my robots. I just had fun collecting them, know I know what they are for better or worse.


This is a new line of robots that came out in 2015. You can find videos, news, new toys


 Heroic Decepticon has a collection of Transformers that blows my mind. He even tells you how to search for robots in other countries.

History of Transforming Robots of  is  fun read helped me figure out the only Generation 1 Transformers I really cared about were the ones from 1984 and 1985. The gallery sorted by year is amazing. So many pictures and the head shots are so precise!  I would love to do that by robot line or brand, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. I love the new Alternators, Universe, and Generations collections. you can find out about Transformers, the Masterpiece line, Tomica Hyper Series robots. Beyblade and Pokémon.