Trailbreaker Transformers G1

Here’s a loose Trailbreaker Transformers G1 that I just picked up on Ebay.  I had this as a kid but probably traded him.  He’s missing the fists but that’s ok.  I now have both Ford Bronco trucks.  The other robot that shares the same mold is Hoist (the green robot below)


Hoist - Transformers G1 Commemorative Series V 2003 Japanese ID number 46 Foreign names Japanese- Hoist (ホイスト Hoisuto), French- Treuil ("Winch"), Italian- Bufalo ("Buffalo"), Portuguese- Roldana or Guindaste

Hoist – Transformers Generation 1 Commemorative Series V Hasbro 2003

Trailbreaker 1984 - Transformers Autobot Generation 1 G1 robot Japanese ID number: 25 Foreign names Japanese- Trailbreaker(トレイルブレイカー Toreirubureikā), French- Glouton (Glutton), Italian- Tuono (Thunder), Mandarin- Kāi-lù Hsīen-fēng(開路先鋒, Trailbreaker), Portuguese - Pica-Trilhos, Abre-alas

Trailbreaker 1984 G1

Trailbreaker G1 Transformers Generation 1 cartoon animated still

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