Transformers Hero Mashers

When I found the Transformers Hero Mashers at Toys R’ Us, I almost picked them up. I find these robots very appealing as they are faithful to the Generation 1 cartoon. This is one of the better Generation 1 renditions of Megatron. The original G1 robot form was so poorly done, I have never wanted to add it to my collection. I wish they had concentrated on the robot form instead of how it looks as a gun. The Optimus Prime Generation 1 robot was always the cream of the crop. Awesome looking robot, looks great as a truck.

I may pick up the Megatron, Starscream,  Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. I find the Megatron and Starscream are the best looking figures in the bunch followed by Bumblebee. I love the Starscream as you can see the smirk on his face or Megatron the sneer of disgust. It brings back so many good memories. The size is perfect for display or just playing around with your kids. The only fault I see is that the robots do not transform. But they are not meant to be transformed. You are supposed to pull them apart and mix up the body parts like Mr. Potato Head. Imagine Megatron Prime or a mashup of Grimlock and Optimus?

The Hero Mashers offer a fun option for G1 collectors who want robots that look more like the original cartoon, than their original G1 counterparts in the 80’s or just a great way to get your kids love the Generation 1 Transformers as much as we did. I am glad they came out with these instead of another reissue.

Hero Mashers 2014 Hasbro Megatron Optimus Prime Starscream Bumblebee

Hero Mashers 2014 Hasbro Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee

Hero Mashers asbro 2014 Grimlock Springer Drift

Hero Mashers Hasbro 2014 Grimlock, Springer, Drift

The Optimus Prime is also pretty sharp too, but they have so many decent versions of him out there. A good Megatron or Starscream figure is much more appealing as it is harder to find cartoon faithful rendition of those figures. I am sure several of these will fill a happy space in my collection.

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