Diaclone Gats Blocker Takara 1983 aka Diakron Multi Force 14 Robot 1984

The Gats Blocker robot was a mystery to me for the longest time. I traded for this from a kid down the block in the late 80’s, but I never had the outer box or asked what it was. I was not sure what this robot was when I got it, but it looked pretty cool. It would have been nice to have the internet on this guy back then.

This was a Diaclone robot Gats Blocker before most Diaclone robots became Transformers. Takara tried to market Gats Blocker here as Diakron, then Kronoform and later as Grandstand Convertors Alphatron. After reading about Diaclone robots, I found the solution to this mystery. Not that it was bugging me, but it was nice to know. I have had this robot for over 20 years and had no idea what this was. Now, I know. The link below covers Diaclone robots over the years. I also appear to be missing the pilots that go in 5 of the vehicles.


At this point I am not sure if this is the Diaclone or US version. Do I have Gats Blocker or Diakron? The guy I traded with bought robots here and in Asia. Maybe if I check out the made by on the robot I will find out.

It is a nice display size and a good looking robot. You can pick it up on the secondary market for a relatively low price as it had so many releases. ***

Diakron Multi Force 14 Robot aka Gats Blocker & Kronoform by Takara and Grandstand Convertors Alphatron

Diakron Multi Force 14 Robot aka Gats Blocker & Kronoform by Takara

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