Gears Generation 1 Transformers Hasbro 1984

Gears is a cool little mini vehicle is a nice design and easy to transform. Since you don’t have to extend the legs, he stands a lot easier than say Bumblebee and Cliffjumper from the same collection of G1 mini vehicles. Mini vehicles in general are simplistic robots in form and transformation, but that makes them a lot of fun. I find myself transforming them back and forth as I take pictures, write about them, and research more about these pieces. This one is in pretty good shape except for the Autobot sticker. It’s not too bad in either robot or truck form.

Gears Generation 1 Autobot Hasbro 1984

Gears Generation 1 Autobot Hasbro 1984

When these came out in the 80’s I really didn’t care much for them. I only came into them recently in auction lot of which now makes up the bulk of my G1 Transformers.  This line of robots really remind me of the Gobots or Machine Robo. I find the original Japanese Machine Robos superior in packaging and design. They transform easier, you can keep them in their original packaging, and they look good both as robots and vehicles. Because of these similarity and the fact that I don’t care if I break them, I find them just as fun. This is probably my favorite one to play with so far. =)

Gears Generation 1 Hasbro 1984 car front

Gears Generation 1 Hasbro 1984 car bottomGears Generation 1 Hasbro 1984 robot back


Gears Generation 1 Hasbro 1984 car back

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