No posts for you!

So my Samsung Note 3 broke and I haven’t put a post out for 2 or 3 months. I was using the Note to take my pictures. None of my phones or the cameras on them have been very good. I used an old backup phone my iPhone 4. Reception seems really off and the pictures come off really yellow. The camera is horrible compared to what is out now or just a couple years ago. Anyway, bought a old phone off a buddy.  A Verizon Samsung S4 which is better but is not the same carrier(T-Mobile) which is causing weird issues. I can’t get rid of the Verizon bloatware, the battery which was swelling has since been replaced.

But that is pretty much why you haven’t seen any new stuff up here in a while. the plan was to get the rest of my stuff up, but no go.  Now that I have the new battery it seems to be working better, so I am trying out the S4 camera to run a new post tonight! My last 2 posts were just new edits of old posts. I may do a few more of those if I run into issue. So here is crossing my fingers hoping this work.

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