Sentai Robo Collection with Turbo Robo, Daizyujin, Live Robo, Dyna Robo, Jetman, Bio Robo

Not really sure what these are or why there is a set. Too bad there was no box when i purchased it, only the plastic container. But it was nice to have a small set of Super Sentai robots. I’m sure they are from Bandai. Took me a while to figure out the name for each figure. It was hard to find, as half the robots never had a US release(the Megazord came out with the Power Rangers and Dynaman and Bioman were released as Godaikins) and most of the information is in Japanese for the other 3 robots. This is a set of Super Sentai Robo from various series all plastic that are 3″ high. It is a pretty cool set.

The top line of robots is Turbo Robo, Daizyujin(aka Megazord!), and Live Robo.

Sentai Robo Collection Turboranger(ターボロボ Tābo Robo) Zyuranger(大獣神 Daijūjin, Great Beast God) Liveman(ライブロボ Raibu Robo) Dynaman(ダイナロボ Daina Robo) Jetman(ジェットイカロス Jetto Ikarosu) Bioman(バイオロボ Baio Robo) plastic

Sentai Robo Collection with Turbo Robo, Daizyujin, Live Robo, Dyna Robo, Jetman, Bio Robo


On the bottom row is Dyna Robo, Jetman or Jet Icarus, and Bio Robo.

If anyone knows what this is, please drop a comment so I can figure it out.

Ok so after a little research I think these may be the Robo Sentai Collection, Sentai Robo Collection(ok, this was wrong)or a bootleg of it that came out in 1993 by Bandai. This may also be the cheap plastic versions you can get a train station kiosks. My only other theory is that maybe these are a prize Gashapon set for for those arcade claw machines. I think arcades are more more popular in Japan than they are here in the United States.

Since I see no copyright marking or branding I am pretty sure now that this a bootleg(which I figured out a year after I wrote this initially, duh!). It was just hard to figure out without the box. If I had the box I am pretty sure I would know right off the bat.

The Power Ranger Wikia really came in handy for the Japanese tokusatsu shows I had never heard of before. Without out it I likely would never have figured out the Live Robo and Turbo Robo.

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