Sideswipe Dodge Viper 2003 – Transformers Alternators Hasbro

Here’s another Alternator. It is Sideswipe that transforms into a Dodge Viper that I purchased back in 2003. I didn’t realize they had such a varied run as I see there’s about 20 different kinds I am seeing on the web.

Sideswipe Dodge Viper 2003,2004 - Transformers Hasbro Alternators/Binaltech Lambor BT-02 Takara. Known in other coutries as Japan- (ランボル Ranboru), Cantonese- Swipe (斯韋伯 Si Wai Baak), France- Frérot (Canada, "Bro"), Italy- Freccia ("Arrow"), Mandarin- Tsè Sǎu (Taiwan, 側掃, "Side Swipe"), Heng Pao (China, 横炮), Portugal- Esgalhador or Surrupio

Sideswipe Dodge Viper 2003 – Transformers Alternators/Binaltech Hasbro

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