We are now DXrobo.com

Hi, everyone.

We just completed a move from my old domain Xplorecyber.org to DXrobo.com. We have modified our site title from Henson Robo to DX Robo. So make sure you bookmark our new location. It took a lot longer than I thought. I have not written a new post for a while, but my cousin has added his new purchases up on the site every few weeks. I will probably work on his updating those posts before I continue with my collection.

You may see some weird things as I experiment with new themes/templates. I have been going over my old posts and have added videos, pictures, and text. So please go an check out my older posts! I am going to start putting out a Robot of the Week so there is always something fun and new on the site. If my cousin keeps buying new robots, you might not see one of mine for a while. So keep reading and Enjoy your visit to DXrobo.com!


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