Perceptor – Transformers G1

Here’s another new one I just got and another one I never had as a kid – Perceptor – the Autobot scientist. I picked him up for 30 dollars and I’m quite happy with him as he’s mostly complete and he has very little wear. I would have picked him up as a kid but they just kept pumping out Transformers and I couldn’t keep up!


Perceptor(パーセプター Pāseputā) - 1985 Transformers Generation 1 Autobot G1 Japanese ID number 39 Percepto

Perceptor Transformers 1985 – Hasbro Generation 1 Autobot G1

Perceptor from the Transformers Generation 1 G1 cartoon

Perceptor from the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon

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